Sea Port Sniper Shooter Ops

Sea Port Sniper Shooter Ops 1.0.1

Gear up for another thrilling Sea Port Sniper Shooting Ops.

Gear up to defend the Seaport with full strength.

Gear up for thrilling Sea Port Sniper Shooting Ops. Once again it is a real chance for you to give your best. You as a master Sniper Assassin, execute the new mission now.

Terrorists have occupied the sea port completely and they have hijacked the containers, vehicles, machinery, and oil products. They have also imprisoned few of civilians and workers there. Your responsibility is not limited to evacuate the place only but to destroy enemy troops. You are also required to bring civilians and worker back safely. Army really does not want you to shoot any of the hostages. Kill the head shot directly to each terrorist. Your aim is to kill them before they slay you. Most important thing is to save the helicopter present at field.

Today you will be sent to the port for the challenging mission. You will be having limited ammunition with you. Army needs head of each terrorist. You will have you sniper with you. Another chance for you to enjoy shooting. In this current Ops, you will have many levels with various difficulties. Make sure that you do not kill any of the captives at all else you will lose the mission.

? Realistic FPS (First Person shooter) scenario

? Real 3D environment

? Sea port Shoot environment

? Containers and machinery available at the port

? Easy and user friendly game

? Stunning 3D Graphics

? Commando aiming

? Smooth touch and Drag control

?Easy GUI Controls

? Zoom In/Out button and fire button at right side of the screen.

? Move forward, backward, right, and left button is at the right side of screen.

? View right, left, Up and down joystick available at left side of the screen.

Sea Port Sniper Shooter Ops


Sea Port Sniper Shooter Ops 1.0.1